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Choose Us for Our Expertise in Arson Detection in Oregon City, OR

Determining the cause of a fire is challenging. For one reason, the very efforts of firefighting can eliminate some of the evidence. For another reason, fires often take place when few people are up and about, particularly in the early morning when there are few eyewitnesses around to tell you what they saw. This is why when arson is suspected in a fire; you need to choose a team with experience at the helm. Turn to Flowerdew Fire Cause Consulting, LLC, for arson detection in Oregon City, OR.

Leading our team is Jerry Flowerdew, who has more than 25 years of experience fighting and investigating fires. He has served as a fire marshal, fire investigator, and expert witness. Count on Mr. Flowerdew and our team to inspect the site of the fire, gather evidence, conduct tests, and determine the cause. With national and California certification, our agency is licensed to work in Oregon, Washington, California and Alaska.

Arson Detection in Oregon City, OR

Searching the Destruction for Evidence

The nature of fire in causing serious damage or destruction means the stakes are high when looking for the origin and cause of any blaze. However, when you factor in incendiary fire causes, the stakes get even higher. Now, criminal charges are a possibility, especially when the damage is substantial or loss of life is involved. To build a case, you need trained professionals who have the knowledge, skill and high-tech equipment to do the job. Feel confident when you choose our agency as your fire reconstruction consultant.

To the untrained eye, the smoke, rubble, and stench of a fire are disturbing and chaotic. However, to our qualified investigators, the scene tells the story of what happened. You just have to piece it together. With precise and determined investigation; schooling, science, and evidence lead us to the cause of incendiary fires.

Speed Is of the Essence in Forensic Fire Investigations

As is the case with any forensic investigation, getting to the scene as quickly as possible to gather evidence and talk with eyewitnesses is the key to success. The weather and vandals can carry evidence of the fire away, and witnesses can forget details. This is why we urge you to reach out to us as quickly as possible. The sooner our agency begins our investigation, the sooner you’ll have your answers about origin and cause.

Contact us today in Oregon City, Oregon, to submit an origin and cause assignment for a suspicious fire. We proudly serve clients in Oregon, Washington, California, and Alaska.